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You've seen the food, so now it's time to learn where it came from and why we love the Vegan Caribbean cuisine so much.

Meet Aaron Ishmael West

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I remember when I first became interested in leading a plant based lifestyle. I started paying closer attention to my diet, increasingly adopting a “flexitarian” lifestyle – cutting down on meat and dairy products and consuming more plant-based foods. I quickly found my talent for home-cooked vegan food and decided to recreate my most loved childhood dishes by pushing the boundaries with mock meat, introducing a drop of Caribbean sunshine to the London food scene

A Ishmael West - Founder

It's not just lettuce...

Long gone the days when eating a plant-based diet revolved entirely around leaves (though we like leaves, too).

Our menu of over 10 dishes utilises sustainably sourced ingredients and borrows secrets from worldwide cuisines, curated in our


London kitchen by our self-taught chef.

Likkle Dutchpot brings delicious, Caribbean vegan, moments to hundreds of people with some of the most craveable products we can get. With tremendous momentum in the business, we’re building a better Likkle Dutchpot – one tasty bite at a time.

We are working with excitement, purpose, and creativity to continue that momentum by developing new dishes innovation, core menu improvements and brand engagement platforms that will delight our customers.

We are constantly finding ways to elevate the customer experience to deliver Likkle Dutchpot’s brand promise: make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone. The pace is fast, the learning is constant, the work is challenging (and delicious)



About our food

It’s hard to think of a region with a cuisine and culture that’s better source material for UK casual-dining concepts than the Caribbean. What goes into our food? Nothing but quality ingredients.


Keeping it “irie”

I cook authentic recipes passed down by my mother through my favourite childhood dishes. I focus on wholesome, comfort food that makes you feel irie (good).


Beyond rice”n”peas

The success of our food is not just down to customers becoming more adventurous with their food. We experiment with non-traditional dishes that tick off key casual-dining categories.

The core menu items are traditional dishes like rice “n” peas or fried plantain. But we also do dumpling pizza and plantain mango crumble. They are more experimental dishes for the more adventurous customer.

Likkledutchpot takes a twist on Jamaican cooking by fusing traditional Caribbean ingredients with more international dishes.

We serve what you would expect to eat in a traditional Jamaican home, but we try to push the boundaries on flavour, presentation, and new dishes. At likkledutchpot we want food that has got the soul and tradition of home cooking but elevated to a much more interesting format and standard.

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