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Brands & Values

At Likkle Dutchpot, our values are at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to sustainability promotes a healthier way of living for our communities and the planet.


At Likkle Dutchpot, we are dedicated to building and maintaining loyal relationships with our customers and colleagues. Ultimately, we aren’t just building a brand, we’re building a family!


Our vision is to have a long-lasting, positive impact. We inspire, innovate and influence people within our community and beyond to consciously develop a sustainable way of living.


We are eager to learn and share information amongst colleagues and customers.We aim to educate the generation of tomorrow, shaping their future to become healthier.


We care about each other. Here at Likkle Dutchpot we take pride in offering you a warm welcome and great service.

Local Community

Being a good neighbour is important to Likkle Dutchpot. Our staff are always willing to actively support a range of local causes and organisations in the community.


At Likkle Dutchpot, it’s all about establishing touchpoints with real people. We are constantly praised for our personal and efficient customer service.

Brands We've Worked With

Collaboration makes possible that which could not be accomplished by Likkle Dutchpot alone. Similarly, our partners recognise and embrace the importance of collaborative working. In light of our shared vision, we strive to achieve a greener and more sustainable world whereby all are respected and cared for. Together, we believe we can generate positive, long-term results.

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